EB-5 Visas Fuel Economic Growth

In 1990 the US Congress created the Immigrant Investor Program to encourage foreign investment in American companies that leads to job growth.  Foreign nationals who choose to invest $1 million in new companies in the US are eligible for an EB-5 visa. A smaller investment of $500,000 is allowed in certain circumstances. Each year the US Citizenship and Immigration Services approves 10,000 such visas and bringing in billions of dollars of business investment that would otherwise be blocked.

How EB-5’s Work

USCIS LogoThe standards for the program are simple:

  1. Invest $1
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Votes for Sale: The Most Expensive Campaigns of the 2014 Midterms

The 2014 midterm elections are over, and not only did the results tip the balance of power in Washington, it was also the most expensive non-presidential election cycle in United States history. While calculating the exact amount spent by campaigns is increasing difficult in these days of dark money and third-party advertising, most estimates say that the total spent was around $3.67 billion, with that amount split fairly evenly between the two major political parties. While that total will probably increase as additional spending information is released, here’s a look … Read the rest

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Tech Companies Want to Limit Government Surveillance Online

brower address windowIn June of 2013 Edward J. Snowden, a NSA government employee, revealed to the media the extent of government presence in the life of the American, and foreign citizen.  Snowden stole documents, which were later published, proving that the government actively examines phone calls, emails, and many other aspects contained within social networks. The government uses this information to create sophisticated maps of Americans’ social connections.  The maps they create reveal several things about the American citizen including: their associates, their locations at certain times, their traveling companions and other … Read the rest

4 Reasons to Teach Kids Geography before International Politics

The topic of international politics can be a difficult one to grasp, no matter what your education level is. Between understanding foreign policies and getting a firm grasp on allies and historical events, international politics is a highly complex subject that requires a few pre-requisite topics to give a good understanding of the complicated subject.  Some educators have found that giving students a sturdy foundation in World Geography can be highly beneficial when it comes to discussing international relations. Here is a look at four solid reasons why it is … Read the rest

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What Did the Government Shutdown Cost?

According to the initial estimate from Standard & Poor’s, the 16-day shutdown cost the US economy $24 billion.  That’s $24,000,000,000.00 or $1.5 billion for each day.

Tourism, frozen government contracts, lost services, and, worst of all, employees who were forced to go without pay for two weeks.  While the government would not confirm how many employees were furloughed during the shutdown, the popularly accepted figure was upwards of 800,000.  That’s in addition to those employees in “essential” positions who were forced to work without pay, such as the thousands of … Read the rest

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Tribal Lending Companies Rights at Stake in NY Payday Loan Order

The legality of tribal lending companies has been called into question in the state of New York.  Earlier this month the state’s Superintendent of Financial Services, Benjamin Lawsky, distributed a written order to over 140 lenders and banks calling for an end to online lending, specifically that online lenders cease making personal or “payday” loans to New York residents.  While Lawsky is within his rights to regulate state banks and loans, he does not have authority over the tribal lenders who received the notification.

billFederal law clearly designates that Native … Read the rest

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First Step Fails for Genetically Modified Food Labeling Requirements

Efforts to require labeling on genetically modified foods failed in California this year. Proposition 37, a California ballot initiative, was defeated in the November 6, 2012 general election. The final vote tally was 53 percent opposed to 47 percent in favor. Called “Right to Know,” the initiative garnered much attention in the media and general population.  If it had been successful, California would have been the leader in such labeling requirements for foods sold in that state. It also would have prohibited labeling or marketing products as “natural” if they … Read the rest

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Does the 2 Party System Work?

Hillary ClintonEvery person has at least one opinion on any political subject — and some manage to hold multiple opinions, breaking down larger questions into smaller parts. The result is that any issue, including whether or not the two-party political system works, is subject to multiple arguments.

While on the whole the current US system of government works, in that in continues to hold elections, provide services, and collect taxes and fees, the underlying question is whether there is another system that would work better or if the two-party is the … Read the rest

Trucking Industry Recovers

The trucking industry is in a period of recovery.  As a truck driver you must always be thinking about how to reduce your fuel costs as prices continue to rise each day.

However, just switching to another alternative is not enough if you are not aware of how to get the maximum mileage out of your truck. A few simple pointers in your mind can help you save more than you could have imagined.

Good maintenance: Like all other machines or devices, automobiles also need proper maintenance; this will ensure … Read the rest

US Auto Industry Still a Powerhouse

auto factoryThe recent recession brought the failures of the auto industry to the forefront.  The government was forced to bailout major automakers to stave off the collapse of a significant contributor to the overall economy.  Since its heyday in the mid-twentieth century, the auto industry has been a key employer, a major factor in the GNP and an indicator of the overall US economic health.

It’s good to know, then, that 2012 was the best in five years for the US auto industry and that 2013 looks to be even better.  … Read the rest